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How I Put My Engagement Emails Together 

P1 Your Name 

Shaun mac

P2 Backstory 

My parents and I came from a council estate, and my parent's dream was always to buy their own home, which was a huge dream.

And finally, they found what they hoped would be their brand new home, a new estate build was being built, and there were deals to be had. So naturally, my parents jumped at the chance and signed up straight away.

We eventually moved in after months of snagging (because we didn't have the money needed).

That's when we found out we were a little different from the other families who lived there.

You see, everybody else on our estate seemed to be either police or prison officers, a promising solid career with a good solid income. But, at the time, my parents were both doing entry-level jobs, my dad was a laborer on a building site, and my mam was a seamstress in a raincoat factory.

And well, prospects weren't particularly good in either of the jobs.

That's when the happy announcement of the imminent arrival of my brother came along. I was ten years old, so belts would have to be tightened. My mam had to give up work as maternity wasn't featured in her employment, which was the same time my dad lost his job due to the completion of the building contract.

This meant significant trouble for our family and my dad spent all day going around various building sites asking for a job.

As luck would have it, my uncle owned a taxi company in our area, and so my dad was able to pick up a few shifts and keep the wolf away from the door. Additionally, he had also found some laboring jobbing work and was able to bring in money, but he had no time at home with us the family.

That's when my parents knew things had to change, which in the beginning would mean a lot more work, but if it played out right, we would have a future that meant we wouldn't have to constantly try to make money to try and pay the bills. At this time, my dad applied for a business loan to buy a taxi and go into business with my uncle.

At the time, my uncle only had one taxi, so he would drive for 12 hours, then bring the car to us, and my dad would drive for 12 hours. So when my dad bought his taxi, it meant they could employ some people and work slightly longer hours themselves but begin to build a phone business simultaneously.

And because my mam was stuck at home carrying my little brother and I was only at school, the timing wasn't perfect but was undoubtedly as good as it could be. Ultimately, it was a blessing because the whole family was forced to become very entrepreneurial.

Of course, this wasn't easy, and sometimes it was a struggle to get by. This was long before computers, or we even had two-way radios, so trying to organize the taxis was done via a small notepad for my mam and a tape-recorded for me (I was ten, and my spelling was even worse then). I was far from academic at school, but watching how my family worked, I quickly realized that the best way to succeed in business was through hard work and overdelivering.

I was sold. I needed to go out and build my empire. Still, like most people, I didn't have the money and, at that time, the courage to go on it on my own.

However, through a certain amount of fibbing and knowing people from the taxis, I managed to get my first job working in a cloakroom of a nightclub. I had no idea where my life would be taking me at the time.

P3 The start of your journey in this area

I worked hard in the nightclub, and it wasn't long before I got a promotion to work behind the bar. I was underage, but nobody seemed to mind as I was pretty quick.

Then job offers from other bars started coming my way, and I was quick to take them. I honestly believed that the world owed me a living, and I must have gone through almost every bar in my area, permanently quitting when the next job came along and quickly moving into management.

But then my dad got ill while on holiday in Spain, and I was working away. So I quickly gave up that job and headed home to help in the business while my dad was unwell.

When my dad was back to full strength, I decided I needed some money to set up my bar and restaurant.

Then, I noticed a company looking for double-glazing salespeople with unlimited earning potential. This job was 100% commission based, and when I started, I sucked, but within around six months, I began to make money and get a nest egg for my first business.

It was a rough-around-the-edges good old British pub, and I loved it, working far too many hours in the pub but loving every minute of it. We did have a slight pushback where I was diagnosed with a bone disease which put me in a wheelchair for nine months but as long as I worked out and took pain killers, it was okay and could be managed.

That's when I decided I wanted to expand. The pub trade was getting more complex with new licensing and various other things, so I first went back into photography, where I ended up on a tv show in the USA called shut up and model.

Then I bought my very own tattoo studio. At the time, I was attached to my sister's hairdressers, but we also had success there, so I decided to upgrade and leased a beautiful building next door to a powerlifting gym.

I was making a decent living as a tattoo artist, but I haven't mentioned is I am one of the most competitive people in the world, and working out became quite an obsession. And stupidity took over. I decided that, of course, I could bench press more than the other gym members and managed to get a bleed on the brain, although my girlfriend was quite happy they had found one (a brain). I had the shakes.

Tattooing was no longer possible, but I had just signed a five-year contract with $5,000 per month that needed to be paid, and now I had other artists whose families relied on their money to live.

My life changed when I watched somebody on the Internet explaining digital marketing. It was exactly what I needed. If I could fill the other artist's calendars, we could pay the rent. When I was working, I took home 100% of the profits, but my artists were on a 60% split, so I needed to fill four artist booths up so we could make the same money and pay the bills.

If this could work for this bloke on the Internet, who was doing agency and affiliate marketing, I could use the same thing to market my business and perhaps make a little extra at the same time.

But this was so much harder than I thought. I was miserable, smoking two packs a day and drinking too much.

P4 Then this happened

Around five years ago, I had bought yet another internet course to try and learn the secret hack that I thought I had to know, and that's when it clicked.

Yes, in that time, I had learned all about funnels, various marketing techniques, and even messenger marketing, which was proving the most successful.

But I had never once found a way of putting it all together. I had spent thousands of dollars and hours and hadn't been reading between the lines. All these guys worked with systems, but nobody was telling the complete system. I had been taping various solutions together, thinking I was following some magic path.

Still, I had been paying the gurus who were more interested in making money themselves and recommending software systems that didn't play well together.

That's when I knew I had to get my own systems in place and have one big final gamble that I could do it right.

Using the various software I had already been using, I wanted to take the very best aspects and build a brand new all-in-one software so that I could automate everything but still not lose control.

This sent me on a three-year odyssey of learning to translate everything I have learned and used into the software I now use.

I could finally turn what I had been doing for survival into a seven-figure business and, more importantly, help other people to do the same so that they wouldn't be paying thousands per month in wasted money.

P6 What are you doing now as a result of that

Now I'm doing something I never imagined over two decades ago. I'm helping other people who want to achieve success in digital marketing.

In short, I help people who don't know how to sell figure out how to sell online with ads, emails, webinars, content marketing, and more!

And even better, how to put systems in place that automate the mundane tasks and give them more time to enjoy their life.

P7 Why are you here now

I love helping people who are just like I was not too long ago.

Nobody is born knowing how to sell.

Nobody is born knowing the secrets to get people to buy, try, subscribe, signup, call on the phone, or click a link.

But the cool thing is all that you can learn.

A lot of times, it's easier for people with no sales experience because they don't have to UNLEARN anything. Instead, they need to jump into action.

P8 Why is this important

This is super important to me because I've seen how much life sucks when you have a message to share and don't know how to sell your ideas and products to other people.

I have seen how great life can be when you have the right systems.

Your ability to have the correct software and tactics can change your life and the life of your family forever.

P9 Ask 

For now, I’d love to get your feedback on what I just shared with you.

Do you have a message to share but are unsure how to sell your audience on it?

Have you tried to sell stuff in the past but come up short?

I’d love to know more about where you are on your journey. Go ahead and hit reply to this email. My team and I monitor the inbox, and even though I’m not always able to reply, I read every message I get.

P10 Short summary 

In short I shouldn't have got this far, my spelling is terrible, I have a thick accent, and i still have no idea how to code 

P11 When did you know that what you do was a problem for other people

I found that running successful marketing was a problem for most marketers when I began joining online forums and receiving DMS from entrepreneurs who were finding it tough to find something that worked. And I was quickly launching complete sales and marketing flows for these other people, and at the same time, others seemed to be struggling entrepreneurs who were still spending a lot of money with these supposed gurus. At first, I launched a very modest website with complete training on the various software I used. And it wasn't long after that I released my software and training to the entrepreneurs who needed it most, and I started getting more requests almost from day one. That's when I knew I had to start releasing more licenses.

P12 Did you happen on the solution or create it

I understood that creating sales and marketing flows was a real problem when I explained it to my first beta group, as they told me they needed help. That's when I knew that I would have to make the software that would make it possible for anybody to begin to achieve real success. You could say it went well as all of my students who followed along started making more sales and cheaper marketing of their products and services.

P13 What was the “journey” you went on to find the solution

Over the years of doing this, I always believed that the best way to learn something long-term was to learn it does it (to prove the concepts) and then take detailed notes on how to improve it. Only when I decided to teach it to a few of my friends that I realize that we had a system that anybody could follow. And I never set out to become a SAAS owner, but after learning the systems and getting the software where I needed it, it felt wrong not to share it with as many people as possible. Along the way, I learned so much about systems in sales and marketing and how anybody could find success even if they have never been in sales or marketing before. I believe this is a package everybody needs if they genuinely want to get results.

P14 When did you know that this is what you were meant to do

I would like to say that this saas and training isn't for the gurus out there. I have found that they tend to debate a lot of stuff and take a long way to get to the same answer, and to be honest, I would instead get to the results and have happy customers for myself and my clients that come back. I know how to get results in clicks, sales, subscribers, and profits… and that’s what I focus on. I also realized that somebody needed to teach the “average person” how to get results without bogging them down with a whole bunch of extra crap they didn’t need to know. I realized I could be the one to do that. I was meant to be the one who taught ordinary people how to sell without being pushy, manipulative, or sleazy. I was the one who was supposed to help people live their dreams because they went from not knowing how to sell to knowing how to get people to spend money.

P15 Ask for Feedback

I’d love to hear from you about this. Are you scared of being pushy or salesy? Are you scared of putting in a ton of work and then nobody buys from you? Does that sound like you at all when it comes to sales?

P16 Short summary

Everyone needs to be able to do this 

P17 Summary sentence

Without this, you can't find your ideal client, become omnipresent and lead down a personalized buying path. Your sales will increase, and ROI will increase

P18 How exactly does what you do work

There are so many parts to it all that work together seamlessly and surprisingly effortlessly. So one of the most incredible things is creating automation throughout social media, posting, replying, and commenting on autopilot. We find more of your ideal customers with our advanced Facebook interest finder. In addition, we can hook up to your favorite email autoresponder or use our build responder, saving you hundreds per month and building your lists faster. We provide one of the best messenger and SMS platforms around, as well as full complete e-commerce and so much more. I know it sounds incredible, but I’m downplaying everything my tools and training.

P19 How did you figure this out

I worked out one day that I didn't understand why I was using a whole load of software that didn't quite do the job. After all, I wanted better marketing and more sales, and all of the other software fell short. I knew that there had to be a better way to make your marketing and sales flow. After all, once we decided on a target market and threw our hooks out there if we found the second and third problem our prospects were facing, then it was a no-brainer that they would buy from us, from one flow and asking questions we could get them to the exact result they were looking for and build trust so that we were viewed as a trusted advisor. And better yet, we could do all of this pretty much hand free. So after I worked out this was a better way of marketing and sales, we sat down and began with chatammo, making it so anybody without coding knowledge could do what we were doing easily. And over the next few years, I spent over 100K developing the software for my use. However, I never intended to share it or sell access to it. Instead, I saw it as a tool to help me run my digital marketing businesses

P20 How did you figure out that this was gonna work for other people

I had been using my software for a while on my own business and some affiliate launches, I started to get a few inquiries from friends who were in the same space and wanted to know how I was working a lot less time. That's when I decided to let them have a play with my chatammo. I knew it worked as I had been perfecting it for years and doing very well with it. But for some reason, I was SUPER nervous about other people seeing it. Could they use it? Would they think it was cool? (Or would they think it was complete BS and stupid?) But, I had to let them try “my baby” out because I knew it would get them the results they wanted (and needed) faster than doing it the manual way. Long story short, they LOVED it!! And at that moment, I knew I had something cool on my hands.

P21 What did you have to start / stop doing in order to pursue this

Because of this, I realized that I had to stop being an agency owner and affiliate marketer and show everybody that there is a better, easier route to their result. In a faster, more scalable way. And teach people how to do it all, making it easy for them to get customers and sell no matter what their product or service. And, I’ll admit, there were a few sleepless nights and some battles with “imposter syndrome” even though I had PROOF, I knew what I was doing.

P22 What is an emotional reason(s) that sets you apart from the rest?

But I'm sure you want to know why I really do what I do now? its because it changes peoples lives. When i get a message about how chatammo or i have helped somebody achieve what they set out to achieve and beyond How they went from no sales to a full time living. How their business was saved. How they made DOUBLE what they made before by using my software or following the advice in my training. That’s what keeps me going. To KNOW that I’m making a difference in the world… having an impact that reaches far beyond me!

P23 Ask for feedback

But I'm sure you want to know why I really do what I do now? its because it changes peoples lives. When i get a message about how chatammo or i have helped somebody achieve what they set out to achieve and beyond How they went from no sales to a full time living. How their business was saved. How they made DOUBLE what they made before by using my software or following the advice in my training. That’s what keeps me going. To KNOW that I’m making a difference in the world… having an impact that reaches far beyond me!

P24 Summarize everything

Something I kept hidden for years changed lives

P25 Explain in one sentence 

I was scared to share tools I’d developed for myself because I was afraid other people would think they were stupid… even though they were PROVEN to work over and over again.

P25 What’s the story of how you learned it or earned it?

Something I kept hidden for years changed lives